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See Beautiful Sydney by Bike

October 20, 2014

There must be something great about cycling in Sydney if there’s been a 100% increase in the number of Sydneysiders on bikes in the past three years! With a number of beautiful historic buildings, a colossal bridge and the Blue Mountains in the background, there’s a number of perfect cycling trails – all with varying lengths and difficulties (or not) to cater to any type of rider. We’ve put together a list of our favourite Sydney cycle trails for you to try out.

If you’re in the area, don’t forget to stop by our Pit Stop Vending Machine at the Westfield Shopping Mall on Pittwater Road in Warringah to pick up any biking essentials you need for your trip.

A man and his bike in Sydney

Centennial Park

Recommended starting point: There are a number of easily accessible entrances to Centennial Park. View the map to find out the nearest one to you.

Map: Centennial Park

Distance covered: 1-10 km

Difficulty level: Easy

Centennial Park covers 360 hectares of central Sydney land, beautifully presented and maintained. There are a number of entertainment and recreational areas to visit or view, as well as grassy, relaxing areas for picnics and family fun.

More than 70,000 cyclists visit the park each year, along with walkers and horse riders. Many trails and cycleways cross the park, and the favourite is the Grand Drive – a 3.5km loop around the park which includes a flat path just for cyclists.

All paths here are easy to navigate and ride, making it perfect for beginners or families. Take friends or family and a picnic to enjoy on a wonderful sunny day in the park.

Bridge to bridge

Recommended starting point: Alfred Street S, onto the Sydney Harbour Bridge Cycleway

Map:  Harbour Bridge to Anzac Bridge

Distance covered: 6km

Difficulty level: Easy

Sydney Harbour bridge

Take a trip over one of Sydney’s most famous landmarks, the Harbour Bridge. Opened in 1932, it was the world’s largest single span bridge at the time. The cycleway over the bridge is a safe path for all cyclists to enjoy the bridge without having to worry about traffic.

After a leisurely ride across the bridge, take the chance to climb the south-east pylon. 200 steps and three levels of exhibits await, celebrating the history of the bridge with original memorabilia, stories, photographs and stained glass. The open-air lookout at the top provides spectacular views over the city and harbour.

From there, you’ll pass onto Kent Street and Sussex Street, past the Sea Life Aquarium and over the Pyrmont Bridge before nearing the Anzac Bridge. This is another stunning creation, an eight lane cable-stayed bridge that honours the memory of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps soldiers.

The Bay Run

Recommended starting point: King George Park, from Waterfront Drive

Map: The Bay Run

Distance covered: 7km loop

Difficulty level: Easy

A popular destination, try the 7km route around Iron Cove Bay from Birkenhead Point to Rozelle, never deviating more than 20 metres from the water. The track is flat and well maintained, with clearly marked lanes for walking and cycling.

The trail is a loop, so you can start and finish in the same place or travel round as many times as you like. The local rowing club are usually out in the mornings, so it’s great to see them flowing through the picturesque water and the trail travels through a number of parks and green spaces, perfect for a rest stop or fitness station.

Sydney Olympic Park

Recommended starting point: Australia Ave, Sydney Olympic Park

Map: Olympic Park (also has lots of great information on different trails available!)

Distance covered: 5.5, 7.7, 11.1 km options

Difficulty level: Easy-moderate

Up to 35 kilometres of trails with a variety of lengths and difficulties, close to amenities, playgrounds, picnic areas, water fountains and toilets… The Sydney Olympic Park can provide days of entertainment from the seat of your bike. The park and surrounding venues were built for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, and the park cycleway opens every day at 8:30am and closes at 5:30pm (5:00pm during winter) for people to explore on bike.

Cycling in Sydney Olympic Park

Explore Manly

Recommended starting point: The Esplanade

Map:  Manly

Distance covered: Up to 20km or more

Difficulty level: Easy

Just a 30 minute drive or short ferry ride to takes you to Manly, one of Sydney’s gems. There are over 20 kilometres of cycling paths around the town, meaning you can explore at your own pace and not have to worry about or compete with traffic. Don’t miss North Head or the Ocean Beach Front, both popular and beautiful riding tracks with tranquil coastal views.

Stop for a spot of swimming and shopping or enjoy a relaxing cycle around the National Park.

From sophisticated city to stunning beaches and serene bushland, you’re bound to enjoy Sydney by bike! With the continuous upgrade and addition of more cycle lanes everywhere, this wonderful experience can only get better. Have you biked any of these trails in Sydney? Or do you have a favourite you want to add? Tell us about it in a comment below.

Photo credits:
Sydney 1682 by CucombreLibre, CC-BY-SA-2.0
Sydney Harbour Bridge by Travis Wise, CC-BY-2.0
Olympic Park Bike Ride by Mike, CC-BY-SA-2.0

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