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Outside Brunswick Baths

April 17, 2015

At times the team here at all4cycling plod along in the daily grind of work forgetting that our products can be life changing. We often get so absorbed moving from one ‘job’ to another and don’t get that ‘from the outside looking in’ perspective about the services and products we offer.

Lucky enough though we were taken aback with the response of one or our latest instalments when the Moreland City Council posted an image and statement on one of their social media outlets. We were flabbergasted – and a good flabbergasted, on the response and positive insights that our products and services make to the wider public.

To review the original post from Moreland City Council, you can access from here.


All4cycling installed a public bike pump and repair stand outside the Brunswick Baths, which is situated off the Upfield Bike Path.

The bike pump is obviously the answer to a low tyre pressure issue, while the repair stand is equipped with a variety of tools that are essential to the everyday life of the cyclist and includes:

1. Allen keys
2. Torx
3. Tyre levers
4. Wrenches, and
5. Screw drivers

- all vital tools that help when the bike needs a little on-the-road maintenance or comfort adjustment.

What eventuated from our instalment is an overwhelming call for more repair stands and public bike pumps along Moreland City Council biking thoroughfares. We look forward to working with the council in bringing this demand to a potential reality and to further support the cycling community.

If you’re an advocate for these types of products to feature in your area, contact your local council with the all4cycling name to help meet your cyclist’s needs. And don’t forget our handy vending machines could also be an option where you can access additional tube repair kits for those unexpected flats.

A big thank you to the Moreland City Council and to all those that commented on their Facebook page. We are overwhelmed with the response for our products and services. Have a great weekend and enjoy getting out on the bike and using our services.

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