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Making Community Cycling Areas Sexy

November 12, 2015

We deal with a significant amount of regional and central government territories providing some amazing products and facilities for particular communities.

You no doubt would have seen some of the end of trip facilities, Pit Stop vending machines, bike repair stations and public bike pumps on your daily cycling commute.

But a series of products that you may take for granted is that of our cycle lane safety products, namely the Armadillo Cycle Lane Segregators and Bike Safe Bollard Urban Markers.


As a decision-maker in a regional and central government territory, these products are functional, aesthetically pleasing and are designed to non-obtrusive yet safety-focused.

The Armadillos have begun springing up throughout Australia after a much awaited launch in several of London’s boroughs in 2013. These ‘cat-sized’ lumps are bolted to the ground and provide an ‘invisible barrier’ between cyclist and vehicles. They are spaced wide enough apart to allow cyclist and pedestrians to enter an exit a cycle lane, yet provide the necessary warning to vehicles who may stray into cycle lanes.

All4cycling are proud to support our good friends at Cyclehoop in the distribution of these fantastic products. If you believe that this is something that can help differentiate vehicular and cyclist pathways or help minimise potential harm in high risk traffic areas, give us a call to discuss this phenomenal product and how it can help you and your community.


Urban Markers
The other sibling of the cycle safety family is the newly acquired Bike Safe Bollard Urban Markers. With a variety of options available, these urban markers can help light up cycle lanes, provide direction and educate path users. With the ability to purchase these in different shapes and sizes, colours and select different icons to attach to them (from a list of 40 odd), you have the ability to upgrade any area for minimal cost and increased public appeal.

What makes these bollards so appealing is that through the use of different coloured bollards the opportunity exists for regional territories to be able to divide certain areas by colour code. For example, these bollards have an extended purpose that is not specifically aligned to cycling. If you were to create areas within a park setting, with some area accessible to cyclists and other pedestrians, through the use of coloured bollards the ability to differentiate these areas is simple.

As a distributor for our mates at Curb Marker Australia, the team at all4cycling is excited at holding discussions with you about these Bike Safe Bollard Urban Markers series and how these can add value to your area.

It's all about the Sexy
The days where safety was embraced with ugly, bland and the need for concrete is a thing of the past. Elegance, sexiness and safety are all rolled into one with all4cycling and the products that we offer. We know it’s just as important to be seen in the right light as well as maintain your safety, so look no further than all4cycling for all your visibility and cycling needs. If we aint got it, it aint worth having!

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